WAD 150K – Warm Air Dehumidifier Kitchen Fan

About Vapourflow WAD 150K Warm Air Dehumidifier Kitchen Fan

The Warm Fresh Air Dehumidifier for kitchens is an automated kitchen fan, with dual actions of both intake and extraction of air, with the benefit of warming the fresh external air as it is drawn into the building, when the temperature is below 14°C. This unique feature is available using a single vent to the outside, that will fit onto an existing 150mm kitchen fan vent.

The WAD unit operates for your maximum benefit and air condition with internal humidity control, an external temperature sensor, light or switch extract, and app bluetooth control. This unit includes filters which helps keep out various pollutants, which should be changed yearly.

The warmed dehumidified air provides a simple and effective solution to keeping your home dry, the mild warming of the air provides for a refreshing method of keeping your home dryer by displacing wet air with dry air. This unit works best when used as part of a cross-flow ventilation system with other Vapourflow units.


Vapourflow WAD 150K Warm Air Dehumidifier Kitchen Fan Features and Benefits

For best results use the WAD as part of a cross-flow ventilation system with other Vapourflow units

Filtered warm dry fresh air creates a dryer place in your kitchen that extends further in to the property

Extracts air during times of occupancy, expelling excess airbourne moisture when required

Your existing fan in the kitchen can be exchanged as this is a standard 150mm vent connection

This positive pressure system requires no extra ducting to be extended in to the centre of the property as the air naturally expels past the kitchen door and in to the middle of your home.

The 200 watt heater only works when the external temperature is below 14oC and is not required when the fan is in extract mode.

Incorporates the Autostat Humidity Controller which continually monitors ambient humidity and automatically adjusts the control level accordingly

Low energy, low cost fan continuous running at 0 > 60m³/h

Can be fixed in any orientation (wall, ceiling)

Polycarbonate ABS mix with fire retardant housing which provides a robust and high temperature resistant casing

Produces up to 140m³/h of airflow

Manual override extract option via light/switch live or bluetooth app

Remote Autostat available to provide automatic extract mode

5 year motor guarantee, 2 year product guarantee

The system becomes increasingly effective with the addition of Vapour Vents in the bedroom areas and Dryvent extractors in the kitchen and bathroom


General Notes on Fan Installations

The fan position should be as far as practical from the main source of air replacement. This is to avoid short-circuiting of the airflow. The fan can be placed on a wall or ceiling. The Warm Air Dehumidifier Kitchen Fan has a 150mm spigot to fit into a circular telescopic wall sleeve. The ducting hole through the wall requires a minimum of a 5 degree downward slope to the outside.

The fan should be located at a high level close to the moisture source. If the room/ dwelling contains a fuel burning device such as a gas boiler with a non-balanced flue, it is essential that there is enough replacement air to prevent fumes being drawn down the flue where the fan is extracting.


And for the Specifier…

The WARM AIR KITCHEN DEHUMIDIFIER fan is supplied with an internal Autostat, heater and pull cord switch.


General Maintenance

VapourFlow products are designed with longevity in mind, for this, they need to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.

It is advised that every 6-12 months the following should be done:


WAD 150K – Warm Air Dehumidifier Kitchen Fan