Damp and condensation – don’t always believe what you are told about ‘rising damp’!

Have you ever received a surveyor’s or a damp-contractors report only for your heart to sink when you read that they have found evidence of rising damp? Perhaps you have been told that your only (expensive!) course of action to remove damp is to chip off the plaster, inject chemicals into the wall, leave it to dry and then re-decorate?

If so, you may be interested to know that this diagnosis is often wrong and there is a more simple and affordable way to solve the problem.

At VapourFlow we have been designing, manufacturing and supplying ventilation and condensation control products for two decades. During this time we have worked with some companies who provide excellent technical insight into damp issues and who passionately challenge the efficacy of chemical damp proofing and seek to highlight the problems of dampness misdiagnosis. Two of these in particular provide a service and knowledge base well worth exploring:

Heritage House Ltd. – old property care and restoration specialists.

David Hewitt – damp diagnostic services.

Heritage House Ltd. is headed up by Peter Ward and provides specialist restoration services to owners of old properties across England, Wales and Scotland. They are also damp and condensation investigation specialists.

They have NEVER, in ten years of undertaking surveys, recommended any form of chemical damp proofing and have found that ‘rising damp’ rarely, if ever occurs. Instead they have found that condensation related issues are the cause of the vast majority of damp problems and that these problems can be traced back to human activity within the house. Peter and his team carefully examine the property, find damp and condensation problem areas, and provide detailed reports which explain both the cause of dampness issues and the recommended solutions. In most cases, controlling humidity is high on the list of solutions and his company use VapourFlow products wherever possible when restoring old homes. Peter’s website is a mine of information about damp problems, and explains in detail the pitfalls of using damp companies.

David Hewitt MRICS of the Dampness Diagnosis Consultancy provides impartial and accurate professional diagnosis of alleged dampness. David’s consultancy seeks to challenge established dampness diagnostic practices and completely eliminate the need for costly chemical solutions for his clients.  He has successfully appeared as an expert witness in a number of legal cases to dis-prove the occurrence of rising damp – and defeat substantial financial claims against his clients.

David practices independently and his clients include a number of major property insurers, management companies, ecclesiastical advisors, housing associations and very many owner-occupiers. David will provide a report and a specification for remedial works from established solutions and, where suitable, recommend VapourFlow products for condensation and ventilation issues.