Condensation control using Warm Air Dehumidification

A new range of fans have been introduced that provide powerful yet low cost condensation control and dehumidification, this is achieved by the use of intake and extract ventilation combined with a heat source.

In this case we have combined an extractor and intake fan and enabled the pair to fit on to a standard 4 inch/100 mm extract duct. By combining the latest fan technology with a solid-state heater block it is possible to simply swap over from your existing extract only fan.

This combination creates a warm air dehumidification fan that would normally be fitted in your bathroom, the operation sequence is as follows, when unoccupied the fan will bring in fresh pre-warmed air from outside this is filtered providing clean fresh slightly warm air into your Bathroom area, when entering the bathroom your presence will be detected and after a short period of time the fan will turn the internal heater off and start air extraction.

The extract air humidity levels are detected and the required extract period is then calculated, the solution will determine how long the extract fan will run on extract.

When you leave the bathroom and the predetermined extract period has completed, the fan will then revert back into supplying fresh air, this pre-warmed air will provide you with a further drying provision for your whole house as this fresh air will filter through into the rest of your home. In practice this will prove to be beneficial in more ways than just condensation control it provides you with a healthy supply of fresh clean air and as this slightly increases the air pressure into your home it will have the effect of reducing unwanted air infiltration in other areas.

In the first instance you will notice a difference in the reduced amount of condensation (good condensation control) and possibly dust, and in addition to this you will feel the benefits of having a warmer dryer bathroom to go in to, it feels comfortable in fact and in reality it will allow you to delay turning on of the whole heating system, simply because the bathroom is the first place you go into when you get up in the morning.

Running cost:

The unit includes a 200 watt heater, this is not on at all times as it will turn off when the external temperature is above 14OC and has an on board temperature sensor that stabilises the power demand depending on ambient temperatures, the running cost can on average be between £1 & 1.50 a week to run depending on internal temperature and insulation of your property. In return you will have a dryer home less damage through condensate, reduced air bourn mould and a more comfortable environment.

For landlords less reason for your tenants to complain!